Here are a few links to interesting books, videos, information etc. that we discussed on some of our past hikes.

Youtube video class on mathematic/physics based magic tricks (Ashish)

BBC One - Planet Earth by David Attenborough - favorite episodes (Dorit)

Periodic table with many stories (Ashish)

A book and a movie about someone who knew that he has developed cancer. After that he spends time wisely, knowing that he does not have much of it (Ashish)

A book about natural phenomena and physics behind them (rainbow stories) ( Ashish)

Another book about applied mathematics called Math and Nature (Jenia)

A story about the monarch butterflies that somehow pass the information on their migration route in 6 generations (Ashish)

What is the name of that bitter small basil plant and a story about it? (Ashish)

Photography contest that accepts beautiful scientific images and give cameras as prizes (Dorit)